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11:32pm May 25

TALK TO ME by Kiler Davenport 04/11/2011
I would like to talk for a moment about human intelligence and human communications. Do we have to be intelligent to communicate? The answer is 'NO'. Everyone and everything communicates something to someone or something somehow at sometime. Basic one cell animals communicate, birds communicate, and horses communicate.

In other words for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Something happens here and effects something over there. Someone says something and someone else reacts to it. What does all this mean? It means that the world is alive and constantly changing.

How we communicate is important as well as when, to whom, and why. Most people do not understand the importance and power of communication. They just make noise in hopes that someone will understand them. Most people do not understand the complex variables of communication. Again they just open their mouths and hope that whatever comes out will somehow make a difference.

In order to be a good communicator one must do basic studies in the communication process. You have the idea, thought, or concept that resides in the brain of the one transmitting in information. This would be called the transmitter. Then you have the one receiving the thought, idea, or concept. This person would be called the receiver. Now remember in order for the transmitter to transmit the thought, idea, or concept the transmitter must have some idea of what or how they want the message to come across. And also remember that in the process of trying to get the idea across to the receiver there may be some environmental interference or noise as it is sometimes called. This can come in the form of a nagging wife, a drunk husband, a barking dog, a loud radio, etc.

Once we have the idea clear in our head and are ready to transmit to the receiver we have to make sure the receiver is ready to receive our message in the way that we sent it. The way the receiver receives the message will depend on many factors. Remember the meaning of the message sent by the transmitter is in or will be in the receiver not the one transmitting the message.

Received messages shape and create the world good, bad, or indifferent depending on the current state or ability of the receiver. The message sent to the receiver must first be encoded and then decoded by the brain before it can be given any meaning. This in itself can be a monumental task especially if the brain receiving the message is not in proper working order. All kinds of things can go wrong between the intended message and the one receiving it.

Most people don't even have a clue as to the importance of what I just said and this is the problem with humanity. You see even if you speak the same language of the receiver he or she may not have a clue as to the intended message. Now think about how complex it is for three, four, or even five people to communicate with each other. They can't at least not on any superior level. It all ends up being mostly mumbo jumbo especially when the players do not have any clear cut goals and objectives for the encounter.

So much time is wasted talking. Talking is not and never will be communication at least in the strictest sense of the word. You know people that talk just to hear themselves rattle. They want to impress you rather than express to you. They just run on and on and on without ever checking to see if you are interested in what they have to say. The world is full of these empty headed mindless numbskulls. It takes all kinds of people to make a world. Does it make you angry that I said that? Is it because you are one of them or is it because you are representing or advocating for them? Or maybe your wife or husband is that way. The real reason I said that was to get you to feel first hand what it is like to transmit a message that is going to hit a dead end road at the other end. I hope you have learned something. If you want your message to be received the way you intended it to make sure you tailor it to fit the receiver's level of understanding or you will get absolutely nowhere and the real meaning of the message will be lost in the storm of dysfunction.

It doesn't take long to size people up after speaking with them for only a few minutes if you know what you are doing. The FBI does it all the time. They are experts at reading people's neuro-linguistic programming cues. We all have different ways of showing who we are by the way we live and move in our environment. The way we dress. The way we sit. The way we talk. The words we use. The position of our bodies. The movement of our eyes. The position of our feet and legs. Even the way we arrange things in our environment. It is all there for the trained eye to see. It is like reading an open book if you know what to look for and how to interpret it. Most people don't take communication this serious and that is very unfortunate and dangerous. Remember those who do the same old thing in the same old way get the same old results. It can't be any other way. You are what you communicate. You communicate your experience or lack of it. The fruits are only as good as the soil they were planted in. If you wanted to take this science to the extreme level you would be able to read not only be able to read people, but communities, towns, cities, states, and even governments.

When you really think about it. It sounds crazy. But it is true. As a matter of fact it is already being done. It is called psycho-demographic stratification and it happens to you all the time. every time you buy groceries, swipe a credit card, hit a key stroke on your computer, or fill out one of those free give-a-way forms, or sign up for anything. Yes, you are being studied all the time. You cannot and will not escape it. So why not fight back by learning to communicate effectively. The only way you can avoid being a victim is to fight fire with fire.

Go out and get basic books on human communication. Learn to listen more. Take your environment serious. See it as a battle ground and your mouth as the ultimate weapon. Concentrate on form and style. Take in the total picture. Absorb everything within your sensory range and even beyond. Take your time when communicating. Be aware of yourself and the full range of experiences within your space. Don't be so quick to ask the question or give the answer. Don't play all your cards at one time. Never talk just to hear yourself rattle. And learn when to shut up and let the other person talk or communicate I should saySee More

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